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The s even advantages of automatic tile cutting machine It is known that todays fully automatic ceramic tile cutting machinesare better than traditional hand push ceramictile cutting machine in terms of cutting efficiency, accuracy, and dur

The seven advantages of automatic tile cutting machine

It is known that today's fully automatic ceramic tile cutting machines are better than traditional hand push ceramic tile cutting machine in terms of cutting efficiency, accuracy, and durability. So what are the advantages of fully automatic tile cutting machine?

(Fully automatic tile cutting machine)

The advantages of automatic ceramic tile cutting machine:

1. good cutting stability

It has successfully solved the problem of edge chipping during cutting with traditional ceramic tile cutting machine. The cutting surface is straight and smooth. The automatic cutting speed is stable ,and it is vibration-free.

2. the cutting precision is high

It solves the problem of low cutting accuracy, adopts microcomputer CNC control to adjust the size, and the cutting accuracy can be controlled within 0.1 mm;

3. no need to manually adjust the size

It has successfully solved the problem of automatic control of mechanical cutting size. (automatic large size ceramic tile cutting machine)You only need to enter the number of the size to be cut on the control panel, and the baffle will automatically move to the required position, saying goodbye to the era of workers measuring sizes with a ruler.

4. long service life

With brand-new design concept, good normal maintenance and service life up to ten years.

(1200 CNC automatic three-blade cutting machine)

5. reduce costs

Reduced cutting costs, electricity costs, mechanical costs and maintenance costs. Under normal use, the whole machine does not need to be replaced or added with any consumables, the subsequent maintenance cost is low, and the energy saving is good.

6. Fast speed and high effect

A fully automatic CNC tile cutting machine can support 4 manual cutting machines, which greatly improve the production effect.the cutting speed is 4 times that of ordinary ceramic tile cutting machines, and the damage rate is reduced to a minimum, even without damage.(how much is the automatic CNC tile cutting machine)

7. easy and quick to adjust the size

This machine is easy to operate, and you can call up any size you need in 5 seconds.

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